Tristan Mordecai’s Take on Covid-19

The Baron Tristan Mordecai scowled at me, “You call yourself a writer?” He threw my original blog on the floor. “Gibberish about movie suggestions to help with boredom is ridiculous.”

I sighed, “So what do you think I should say to people struggling to cope with the anxiety of Covid-19 weighing us all down?”

He perked up. “We could not exist if not for mankind’s ability to survive crises, wars, disasters, and pandemics.” The ancient vampire considered the centuries he had experienced, in the way I thought about decades. “Even without the gift of immortality, your kind always finds a way to ensure that the next generation will survive and prosper. Though lacking our refined gifts, humanity still has enough intelligent and charitable people, who will show courage during these times of darkness and prevail over ignorance.”

I was heartened by his confidence in mankind. Still, I had to wonder if the nocturnal dwellers would do anything to help. “What will your kind sacrifice to help us prevail?”

With a prideful smile, he stated, “Our parliament has decreed no withdrawals from blood banks for three months.” Then he disappeared.

Apparently, even the vampire world was staying home. Stay well my friends!

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