We all have backstories

I’ve lived long enough to have quite a backstory, as everyone does. Just try to imagine the extent and wealth of the backstories of my vampires. They have amassed centuries of seductive misadventures, tragedies, conquests, and defeats. I try to provide more clues about how they became who they are and why they act the way they do with each book.

The appearance of Miranda and her offspring presented a unique crisis in the vampire society. Some of the undead decided to embrace this unprecedented opportunity; some tried to take advantage of it and try to use it for their own ends. Others decided it was a threat to them personally and the vampire world and chose to fight against these mortal beings with vampire DNA. All in the vampire world have had to choose sides as they see the Magus try to assert his dominance over the Mordecais by any means necessary.

Some of the undead, both Haute and Common Caste, chose to become nocturnal to escape being bullied, beaten, and used by others. That is a part of their backstories that can bring them firmly in support of the Mordecais. Others left the chaos of a world where societies suffered social disorder and feared for their lives; they escaped by swearing loyalty to the Magus. Still, others were seduced by the lure of eternal life, health, beauty, and fortune. Will fear and/or desire for power keep them on his side?

Vampires, just like us mere mortals, are complicated. Underneath their physical perfection and brilliance, a literal and figurative human heart with all its foibles manages to screw up their best-laid plans, which is fortunate for us mortals.

In the New Year, perhaps you will reflect on your own backstory and how it has led you to where you are today, and how it has influenced your life and given you strength, wisdom, compassion, and a sense of humor. Albeit in my case, mostly a somewhat dark one. Those are the qualities that allow the Mordecai family to overcome the challenges the world presents and the crises that the Magus creates for them again and again.  

I am working with my staff (consisting of my editor/tech person/cappuccino maker husband)  to bring you the next book in the Miranda Chronicles as the offspring, now young adults, take on the challenges of living between the mortal and vampire worlds.

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  1. I get so excited knowing the story is continuing. I have enjoyed each and every book. They were the kind of books that keep me reading page after page. I am not a fan of vampire books, way to turn me into a lover of this book and family. Thank you.

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