What we love about vampires.

When life is a daily struggle to not yell at your boss or coworkers, get something together for dinner, and be the perfect someone for your significant people: nocturnal maniacs come to the rescue with their seductive disregard for normal life. An hour of reading about vampires before bed is strangely therapeutic. My best friend surprised me when she told me that she loves the Magus! He is the worst of the worst undead. Personally, my favorite vampire is Baron Tristan Mordecai. Of course Alexander, Batu, and Henry do have their charms.  

In writing Gift of Blood, I really enjoyed telling of the continuing adventures of Miranda Ortega, aka Baroness Mordecai. She is forced to choose between the seduction of immortality and the changes that mortality brings. Lethal perfection at night or wrinkles in the sunlight. Her indecision confuses the undead. How could anyone turn down the opportunity to spend eternity amongst them? Tristan Mordecai’s feelings for Miranda and his commitment to their kids, forces him to struggle with his human side.

New of Blood Rising, still in the editing process, is the fourth book in the adventures of the Mordecai family. It focuses on the younger generation of the extended Mordecai family as they take on the world of the nocturnal, seductive, brilliant, powerful maniacs. Angel’s unique relationship with the Magus provides him with wealth and influence, but his feelings for a girlfriend of Jacques might force him to be disloyal. The Oracle, Lady Cassandra, has a vision about Leif that will shock the vampire world. The offspring find it is complicated and difficult to develop serious relationships outside of vampire society. The Magus sinks to a new low to get what he wants from the Mordecai clan. Miranda struggles with standing back and letting the next generation deal with the undead world.

I have collaborated on two novellas with Susan Brown and Linda Jordan, both wonderful authors. Witch Magic and Witch Fire are available on Amazon. We were very excited to hit #1 in fantasy anthologies this year. My fun witch novellas, of course, include a vampire who appeared in Gift of Blood and introduces some grumpy werewolves.

I hope you enjoy the season. Happy Halloween!

PS Thanks to my editor and beta readers for all their hard work.

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