How it all began…

Thirty years ago, I started writing about Miranda’s eyes being opened to the world of vampires. Despite a lightning strike destroying my computer—and the first version of Rare Blood—Miranda survived.

In my travels I found references to vampires in many cultures. Working the night shift on a psychiatric crisis intervention team made it easy to imagine a vampire subculture.

Many mornings I would drive home and wonder about the interesting people I had encountered. When you have just spent the night hearing a delusional person discuss how Elvis, JFK, and Marilyn Monroe are hiding on a Caribbean island, writing about vampires can be therapeutic.

I imagined Miranda being pursued by powerful, wealthy, brilliant vampire nobility, and their surprise when she does not think they are so hot! She grew up in the cornfields, with farmers and factory workers who judged people’s worth by their character, not wealth. The existence of vampires is quite a shock, and their desire to win Miranda over is a mystery she must solve.

The story begins in book 1, Rare Blood.

beach edited
Taking a break from vampires at Laguna Beach, California.