Young Blood’s Revenge

Dear Readers,  

It was really great to see so many of you at the Arlington Street Fair. It is always exciting for me to meet so many of you in person and to see so many old friends come back every year for the next installment of the Miranda Chronicles.  

Thanks so much for encouraging me to continue telling my tales of the Mordecai family and their struggle to deal with vampires and mortals. It is difficult to find a balance when different parts of life intersect. For the Mordecai family, at times the vampires seem more reasonable and noble than the mortals, bless their seductive, brilliant, narcissistic selves.  

The 5th book focuses on Leif coming to terms with his unique, and new abilities. Though not as sophisticated or savvy as the nocturnal Haute Caste, he has a way of getting to the heart of matters, at least until he encounters a succubus-pirate vampiress. She is part of the Magus’ revenge on the Young Bloods for challenging his power and diminishing his status.  

Detective Manny Takeda and his significant other, Molly, are asked to assist the Mordecai family again. Once a mortal accepts that vampires exist, it’s hard to stay away. Miranda is trying her best to let the offspring deal with the nocturnal maniacs, but will she be kept back from intervening when it comes to the Magus? If push comes to shove will nocturnal society side with their ancient leader or the partial vampire upstarts? One of my fav of the undead, sarcastic, Angel, lets his affection for a vampiress break through his defenses and forces him to make a surprising decision.  

One other hint about the 5th book; Sir Jorge and Sir Franco fans will be glad to know more of their back story is revealed, and their existence takes a new turn when they respond to an act of violence on the streets of Seattle.   All of this action will set up the plot twists in the 6th book that I’m writing now. Thanks for being so patient as the 5th book was being prepared for publication. I look forward to seeing you all at the book events and fairs.  

After you finish reading any of the Miranda Chronicles, it would be extremely helpful to me if you would take a few minutes and leave a review either on Amazon or Goodreads. Reviews are enormously helpful to independent authors like me, not only to find out what readers think but also for new readers to find the book and help decide whether to read it. It is the best way for independent authors to get the word out.    

Next up:  

PNW Witches’ Mart Mabon Festival 2023 Sunday September 17th, 12pm-5pm Juanita Beach Park, Kirkland, WA  

Snoqualmie Days Saturday August 19th, 9am – 6pm Snoqualmie, WA  

Wishing you the best,   Susan

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