Rare Blood

The Miranda Chronicles: Book I

Rare Blood


A fresh look with a new cover,  Rare Blood is being released in a new edition. Re-edited with the addition of a sneak peek at The Miranda Chronicles Book II Rhapsody in Blood.

Miranda Ortega moves from the cornfields of Illinois to seek fame and fortune, pursuing a writing career in L.A. Shocked to learn, not only do vampires exist, but she is at the center of a well-orchestrated plan by their leader, the powerful Magus. She is pursued and seduced by the extremely seductive billionaire book publisher, Baron Tristan Mordecai, the second most important vampire, and becomes enmeshed in the crazy nocturnal vampire world.

Miranda’s fights back as control of her life begins to slip away. She is pulled deeper into a nocturnal world of Lamborghini driving, Chanel wearing, egomaniac assassins on a strictly liquid diet. Follow Miranda as she attempts to find her equilibrium, in the hidden, “in plain sight,” vampire society and sends shock waves through the centuries-old culture.

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“That_s nice, no one gets sucked to death on date night.”