October 2020      Vampires and Halloween

               You would think Halloween would be the undead’s favorite holiday, but their vanity keeps them from enjoying it. Only a few of the most attractive Hollywood vampires meet their approval. They particularly dislike the depiction of the undead in the old black and white film, Nosferatu. The Magus said he approved of Grace Jones in The Vamp. They like to see themselves depicted as sexy, scary, and sophisticated because they are. In my humble opinion, Bela Lugosi is the G.O.A.T., but Frank Langella made Dracula charming.

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               “Those fangs are out of proportion,” the Baron complained when he watched Vampire Diaries with his kids. Of course, it became one of their favorite shows.

                        Miranda and the Baron’s offspring have tried to fit in as young adults in the Pacific Northwest. They wear hoodies, jeans, and running shoes except on Halloween when they like to dress up as versions of Blade, Dracula, Vampira, etc. It’s the one time of year they aren’t afraid to flash their fangs.

               The third book, which details their coming to terms with their strange heritage, won’t be released until 2021 due to everyone’s difficulties this year. I’m sorry for the wait, but it will be a surprising read. Miranda’s decision whether to transform or not will be revealed.

               Despite this crazy year, holidays can bring us a sense of continuity. This Halloween I will greet the kids wearing a mask to help keep everyone safe, and if there happens to be a vampire at my door, they will get extra candy. I hope this Halloween brings back happy memories and makes some great new ones.

               Vampires can’t enjoy sweet treats, but you can. Enjoy the leftover candy. It’s Halloween!

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