Rhapsody in Blood – Now Available!

 Vampire Hunters, Jealous Lovers, and a Mongolian Bodyguard…Oh MY!

The much anticipated, Rhapsody in Blood, Book II of the Miranda Chronicles series, is now available! It picks up Miranda’s adventures after she leaves L.A., her husband Baron Tristan Mordecai, and vampire society for her small rural hometown.  

Rhapsody in Blood goes deeper into Miranda’s history and lineage. This book is more personal to me as Miranda deals with the challenges of motherhood, being a wife, and trying to establish a safe world for her family in a small town.

My family and I lived in Rossville, where Rhapsody in Blood picks up the story started in Rare Blood. It was interesting putting Miranda in a situation where she must fit in for her children’s sake. Unforeseen challenges test her strength, patience, and sense of humor. At what age would you announce to your children, “Daddy is a vampire, but don’t tell anyone.”? Conflicts within undead society converge on her family, causing Miranda to increase her coffee consumption.

I was hospitalized earlier this year for a heart issue. The week after I got home, not wanting to leave the saga hanging, I completed Gift of Blood, the third book, which will be available summer of 2020. Again, wanting to protect her children from the insanity of the vampire society, she packs up her family and heads to the Pacific Northwest, a region hopefully not popular with the undead.

Newly motivated, after completing Rhapsody in Blood, I started working on the continuing exploits of the nocturnal maniacs featuring Miranda’s offspring. My goal is at least one new book a year. I hope you will enjoy reading Miranda’s continuing story as much as I have had writing it. I am extremely grateful for your support.

So many people have contributed to my books, but most of all, my husband Joel who edits, manages the website and is my computer whiz. Be sure and say hello to him if you see us at a book signing.

Enjoy the Read!

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