Almost Halloween…..

I’ve always loved this holiday when imaginations and scary stories are celebrated. Of course my vampires object to the fake teeth and Dracula costumes. They see their fangs as quite elegant, and they are up on the latest fashion trends on the Paris and New York runways. So if you decide to be a vampire for Halloween, add some cool designer inspired accessories and lots of big faux-jewel rings. The Baron Mordecai would approve.

I’m always home on Halloween, because I love to give out candy to the kids. It is so fun to see all their crazy costumes, and delight at getting treats. I still remember one of my kids coming up to my husband when they were little the night after their first Halloween and asking to go out trick or treating again.

My second book is done, and my editor is politely making corrections. He said, “I know you see and hear everything you’re writing about but the reader needs a few more details.” He is right!

This week I’ll send out agent query letters. Wish me luck!

Thank you all for loving books and supporting my endeavors! You Rock!

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