Shades of Vampires….

On Twitter recently someone compared politicians with the undead. I took offense which made my friend on Twitter laugh. Vampires may have some unsavory habits, even lethal at times but they stick to sucking dry sexist, racist, abusive twits. They are very particular about their sources of nutrition. They call them, “Worthy Targets.”

My nocturnal vigilantes see themselves as elite assassins improving the gene pool one repulsive soul at a time. They are very invested in this world as they have no reason to plan for the next. They appreciate the beauty of nature though it is by moonlight. In the third book I am currently writing the Magus takes out the disgusting  head of an elephant poaching business in the Congo.

Whatever you may think of vampires please do not slander them by comparing them with politicians. They are egotistical, seductive as hell, brilliant, and vengeful but never boring. Bless their dark little hearts!

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