Banned in Marysville….

The Farmer’s Market in Marysville, Washington politely declined a request to sell my book there. Apparently Vampire Paranormal Romances are not considered appropriate for their church sponsored market. I imagine that everyone who attends that market has seen at least one vampire movie in their life. Just saying.

I had a great time meeting people at the Arlington Street Fair. It was fun discussing the creative process and encouraging aspiring writers of all ages to pursue their dreams. The wax vampire teeth we handed out were popular with young and old. I was pleased by the variety of people interested in the book. Very cool!

When I consider all the amazing books that have been censored or burned because of ignorant fears about how the written word might corrupt the morals of the masses, I feel honored that my fun paranormal romance has been banned. Remember years ago when they burned Beatle’s records? Also there was concern that Tarzan and Jane weren’t married. I might start putting a “Banned in Marysville” sign on my fair booth.

I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble in Lynnwood, Washington on August 4th at noon.

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