Who is Miranda Ortega?

People have different theories about who Miranda was based on. It’s only slightly me. She represents most of the young working women I have known. She wants a career as a writer and has to try and find a way to continue to pursue it in spite of vampires threatening  and seducing her, children being born, and struggling to keep her sense of humor in such a bizarre demanding reality.

She has been described by some reviewers as a “faulty” human being, which makes her a better heroine somehow. I appreciate that compliment. Her stubborn streak and ungratefulness keep her from being swept away by the forceful personalities of the undead. I love her spirit, and indignant cussing. Wouldn’t you love to tell off your boss like she tells off Baron Mordecai and the Magus?

The second book in the trilogy is being edited, and I’ve begun the last book. As Miranda evolves the vampires are having a difficult time keeping up. Women are powerful!

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