#savelucifer and Vampires, and Zombies, and Werewolves, etc…..

This week if you desire, go to Twitter and #savelucifer. It’s an amazing TV series about the head Devil/fallen Angel being fed up with hell so he goes to Los Angeles.

Having grown up in L.A., it makes perfect sense to me. The show examines the humanity from the perspective of a Fallen Angel, sort of a spiritual antropoglogical study of our psyches. It’s based on the writing of NeilGaiman. One of my favorite writers. Do yourself a favor and read GOOD OMENS by Gaiman/Prachett.

Vampires, devils, werewolves give us a chance to explore our morality, and how quickly we rush to judgement turning away from villains instead of  gaining insight into their behavior and our own.  I love the werewolf hero in Harry Potter that J.K.Rawlings created. These tortured creatures often mimic our own struggles to survive in a world that has difficulty with different thinkers and different ways of life.

This week the creators/actors/staff of the TV show Lucifer have requested we storm the gates of social media and proclaim #savelucifer to help the show survive. It’s on my twitter page. C’mon, think about it, why wouldn’t Lucifer reside in the city of Angels?



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