Vampires are seductive as hell, till you marry one……

April 24, 2018

Bram 1
Bram and me at MoPop Seattle

My vampires see themselves above the rules of the bourgeoisie. They never worry about good behavior to redeem their souls, they are focused on their status in the vampire world. Consider a crime family where everyone wants to look good to the Godfather. The vampire world was begun by the Magus. They want to garner his approval by appearing chic, clever, and loyal. The transformation to a vampire has the effect of enhancing the attractiveness and intelligence of the now undead. They become the ultimate pleasure and thrill seekers. After being around for a thousand years existence can be boring, even for them.

Enter Miranda, a mortal who becomes involved in their world, and seduced by one of the most powerful vampires. At first, she is blown away by the vampire world she discovers. Though she succumbs to the charms of Tristan, it does not happen as he would expect. She is flippant and critical of his supposedly superior existence. When the Magus orchestrated Tristan and Miranda’s union he did not envision a modern woman, who would at times reject vampire society. The ruling vampires are confused by her ingratitude and defiance. As Miranda says, “That’s nice, no one gets sucked to death on date night.”

The vampires in my world were inspired by the people with addictions that I worked with. Miranda was inspired by the loved ones who struggle to understand the person they love, the pleasure/thrill seeker who is being consumed by their choices. There is a little of Tristan and Miranda in all of us.



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