Miranda’s Adventures

In the second book, Rhapsody in Blood, Miranda finds herself pulled deeper into the  world of vampire intrigue. She has taken her children back to the cornfields of Illinois but the class struggles between Haute and Common undead cause her to begin to develop her latent vampire abilities for self-protection.

A Mongol warrior/electrical engineer, assigned as a bodyguard, finds a special place in her heart. He complicates her struggle to stay married to the egotistical, handsome, seductive and at times overwhelming Baron Tristan Mordecai.

Maniac monk vampire hunters develop an unholy alliance with some rebellious undead who are very interested in Miranda and her children. The highs and lows in the 2’nd book are more dramatic, and exciting. It was harder to write but so fun! It is being edited now, and will be out in a few months! Thanks for your patience!


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