March 19, 2017

Books in any form, comics, photographs, novels, etc. introduce us to other worlds. Going to Comic Con was like stepping into one of those worlds. People allow themselves to be their favorite character, hero or villain. It was so amazing to be in an environment that encourages letting your freak flag fly. The next time I go, I’ll go as a vampiress!

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There was a lecture about Marsten the creator of Wonder Woman, and his unusual book about the psychology of normal people. The lecture emphasized that Marsten saw women as more balanced and flexible than men. Nice. When you have to deal with a condescending coworker think, “What would Wonder Woman do?” but don’t lasso anyone. I got to meet E.A. Channon, a fantasy writer. He was very supportive and encouraging of my writing efforts.


Comic Con 2016

Which character would you like to become for a day at Comic Con? You could be the Joker, Catwoman, a Dragon Ball Z or Final Fantasy hero, Princess Leia or a Wookie. Years ago, I went to the Superman Festival in Metropolis, Illinois. Walking down the streets of a small city in the cornfields surrounded by Marvel super heroes was awesome. When my husband complimented a Batman costume, the man responded, “We take fighting crime very seriously Citizen!” In Metropolis they stay in character.

Find a ComicCon near you, be your favorite character for a day, meet a writer, Sci Fi actor, or Illustrator. I think you’ll be impressed by how much they love fans. Comic Con is a celebration of the appreciation of creativity, and a homecoming for the hero in all of us.

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