October 29, 2019

Halloween Greetings!

I love Halloween!  It’s a perfect holiday for writers, all about imagination.  It is a night for children to suspend disbelief and be thrilled by costumes, decorations and a world that welcomes them with candy. It’s a great night to watch a scary movie or share a chilling tale.

Halloween Party
Don’t overdo it when celebrating, you might lose your head.

My vampires don’t mind Halloween if you don’t pretend to be one of them. The Baron dislikes vampire movies because he does not like his children seeing vampires hunted down, and he thinks the fake fangs are ridiculous.  He is especially critical of ‘Blade’, one of my fave vamp films.

“He uses mortals to destroy his own kind. How could you allow our children to watch that?” The Baron once complained to the Baroness.

This Halloween I hope you’ll give your creative side a chance to enjoy Halloween by writing a spooky tale. Consider Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, and Edgar Allan Poe for inspiration. Don’t worry if the Baron would approve. If you can offend a vampire or anyone else who is uptight or puritanical, you’re doing something right.

Maybe a ghost is haunting your house, or your neighbor has become a zombie. I encourage you to have fun writing.

Halloween Party 2
With a couple friends at a Halloween party.        

This has been a fun week! I was excited to be interviewed by Fiona Mcvie in the UK for her blog authorsinterviews https://wp.me/p3uv2y-95m. It’s always fun when someone I never knew wants to know more about me and my writing.  You never know where writing might take you.

Also, my first short story was published in The Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest’s illustrated horror anthology, Tasting Evil, just in time for Halloween. Tales of murderers, demons, ghosts, Sasquatch and of course Vampires. Filled with hair raising chills and macabre fun in the picturesque Pacific Northwest.

The complete anthology in print form:


Also available in two volumes digitally.

Volume 1 https://www.amazon.com/Tasting-Evil-1-Sonya-Rhen-ebook/dp/B07Y234H4B

Volume 2 https://www.amazon.com/Tasting-Evil-2-Sonya-Rhen-ebook/dp/B07Y233VZY


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  1. Hello Susan. I met your husband at the local post office, I work there and he gave me a copy of Rare Blood. It is the first time I read a book about Vampires (not usually my genre). LOVE loved it.
    He mentioned that you were writing a sequel. I thought it was already finished. Am I wrong on that information? I have looked for the sequel online…to no avail. I would love a copy if it is ready. I would like to start reading it tomorrow. 🙂
    If you do write a sequel, I would like to reserve a copy.

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