The Nocturnal Maniacs have been busy….

August 5, 2019

In July, once again I had a booth at the Arlington Street Fair, and it was amazing. I enjoyed meeting so many new vampire fans. It was surprising and exciting that by the end of the fair I had sold out all the books that I had.  It was touching that people who had read the first book came over to find out if I had the next book available.

I have completed writing the second and third books in the trilogy. I am in the process of completing the final edits, formatting and new cover art. Thanks for your patience waiting for the next installment in the Miranda Chronicles. I want to make sure we have everything just right before I send it out for publishing.

The highs and lows increase as Miranda gets pulled deeper into the world of vampire intrigue. She drinks more coffee, becomes stronger, more impulsive and finds she has new powers as she goes against the bizarre code of the undead hierarchy.Arlington Street Fair 2019

I love writing about my nocturnal maniacs and the mortals who try to cope with their arrogant view of the world. Though at times the vampires’ judgement of racist, abusive, cruel people is difficult for Miranda to argue with. Miranda struggles to keep her heart and lust in check. Tristan continues to navigate the difficult task of parenting brilliant, inquisitive children. Miranda’s growing rebellious behavior, increasingly, confuses and infuriates him.

The Ortega-Mordecai offspring constantly surprise everyone in both the mortal and vampire worlds.

I have started planning the next trilogy centered around the Mordechai children. I will update you all with the latest news as it progresses.  I humbly express my gratitude to all my readers!

Enjoy the Read!



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